It is our goal to have all deliveries completed within 24 hours from collection. There are cases where customers may postpone due to unforeseen circumstances, which will mean the 24-hour period will be extended.

Our couriers utilize a “three strikes or out policy” which means for all deliveries, SPED’s Couriers will try three (3) times minimum to contact a receiver to deliver a package. If the courier is unsuccessful in contacting the receiver, the package will be returned to the sender or rescheduled if the sender so wishes.

Persons who are to receive packages in any of the “rural” areas or on a Sunday, Public Holiday or during after-hours on a Mon-Thurs will receive a phone call before the package is sent out with a courier. Packages will NOT be sent out if persons in these areas or persons expecting deliveries on Sundays/Public Holidays or after-hours on a Mon-Thurs do not answer any of the three (3) calls or give prior confirmation that the delivery should be made. If the receiver does not answer any of those three (3) calls, SPED will give the sender the option to have the package returned to them or have SPED reschedule another delivery date and time.

S.P.E.D. Couriers regrets to inform customers that there are areas S.P.E.D. does not deliver to. As such, customers who are affected by this are asked to call our office at 468-7733 to have the delivery made at an alternate location.

Same day delivery request MUST be made before 10:00 AM if the Same Day delivery price is to be applied. Any same day delivery which is booked after 10:00 AM will incur Super Express Delivery costs.

Business clients must submit delivery lists by 5:00pm on the previous business day.

Customers who wish to become Post-Paid business clients will be required to submit copies of Business Documentation.

All Customers who desire to be Post-Paid (inclusive of customers who do not have a registered business) will be required to Submit Copies of Two Forms of Identification and Proof of Address.


All clients who are offered a credit line are given due dates for payments. Any payment that becomes overdue will be subject to a late fee of 20% the value outstanding.  Clients who fail to settle outstanding fees within the prescribed time or clients who continue to pay after the due date on (3) three consecutive occasions are advised that S.P.E.D. will not continue to offer a credit line and reserves the right to retrieve the amount due via any outstanding COD settlement or other legal means.

For each delivery, it will be the Sender’s responsibility to ensure that:

  1. The receiver is able to accept the delivery within a 24 HR period from the time of collection.
  2. The receiver’s Name, Phone Number and address is correct and supplied to SPED.
  3. The sender’s name, Phone number and address is correct and supplied to SPED.
  4. They know the average size and weight of the item to be delivered.
  5. Item is packaged properly and suited for delivery inclusive of but not limited to (stapled, stuck together, if in liquid form, then in the necessary sealed jar/container, properly chilled if items are subject to change of form or shape whilst being transported).

Please note:

If your delivery was not completed for any of the following reasons,  charges may still be applied:

  1. Wrong address or contact information was given to S.P.E.D.
  2. Receiver continuously unavailable after two attempts have been made to deliver.
  3. Any situation in which either the Sender or Receiver causes SPED to collect a package for delivery and either the Receiver or Sender causes a continuous delay for delivery.
  4. Wrong items sent.
  5. Cancellation by sender or receiver AFTER the package has been collected.

Our Pay As You Go (PAYG) customers will initially be required to have more than one delivery when scheduling their deliveries with SPED, otherwise PAYG customers will be charged at the Standard Delivery rate. This will be applicable for the first 25 deliveries or after one month of continuous utilization of SPED’s services, whichever comes first. PAYG customers are advised that all initial deliveries will require payment in advance once the delivery does not require COD. With COD deliveries, SPED will automatically deduct any outstanding fees.

Instances where customers fail to answer any of the calls made to them or are not at the designated delivery location and our driver has left the area already and is required to return on the same day to complete the delivery, an additional charge will be applied.

If for some reason our Couriers are required to utilize a Car Park where a fee is attached to complete a delivery, that customer will be charged an additional $15 per hour.

Our pre-paid business and corporate package customers are subject to waiting fees. If the courier has to wait more than seven (7) minutes to complete a delivery due to the receiver’s negligence or inconsideration, our business or corporate package customers will be charged $2.50 per min after the first ten (10) minutes, if the courier is required to wait more than thirty (30) minutes, business or corporate package customers will be charged $10 per minute from the 31st minute onward.

Other customers are advised that once our couriers have contacted the receiver and has arrived at the designated delivery area, the courier will wait on the customer for a maximum of ten (10) minutes. If a customer is desirous to have a courier extend the waiting period, a waiting fee of $1 per min is applicable (in this case, a maximum of thirty (30) minutes is allowed).

ALL customers are advised, if you have been delayed for any reason and you are unable to meet the courier when they arrive, immediately inform the courier so that alternative arrangements can be made, thereby possibly waiving waiting fees or an unnecessary postponement or return of packages.

Deliveries to/from Tobago are scheduled once per month in the low season and can be as frequent as once per week in the high season. Kindly contact our office for our delivery schedule to Tobago. Standard delivery cost to/from Tobago is $65 per package.

The specifications given for deliveries helps us plan for the safe delivery of your packages. It is important that customers have a fair idea what the package’s size and weight is before they place an order for it to be delivered. Size and weights limits are inclusive of any packaging. The following information does NOT apply to Rural deliveries.

  1. Packages that exceed the weight limits for Standard Express Deliveries will have an additional $3 per lb up to 50 lbs.
  2. Packages that exceed 10”x 10” x 10” but do not exceed 15” x 15” x 15” will be subjected to an additional $15 per package.
  3. Packages that exceed 15” x 15” x 15” will be considered bulky and will be quoted on request.

For Super Express Delivery items that fall within the Standard Express Deliveries guidelines, the following price structure is applicable:

Deliveries within 6 hours are subject to an additional $50
Deliveries within 5 hours are subject to an additional $75
Deliveries within 4 hours are subject to an additional $100
Deliveries within 3 hours are subject to an additional $125
Deliveries within 2 hours are subject to an additional $150
Deliveries within 1 hour are subject to an additional $175

Super Express Deliveries outside of the Standard Express Delivery guidelines will be evaluated and a price given based on the needs of the customer.
Super Express Delivery requests are accepted based on availability.