Frequently Asked Questions

What does S.P.E.D. mean?

S.P.E.D. is an acronym for Special Packages Express Delivery.

Are there any areas S.P.E.D. Ltd. doesn’t deliver to?

Yes, there are a few areas we do not deliver to. This is to ensure the safety of our couriers and any package that will be on-board our vehicles.

What if S.P.E.D. Ltd. doesn’t deliver to my area?

S.P.E.D will gladly work with customers to deliver to an alternative area.

What if my package is bigger than the size limit but lighter than the weight limit or vice versa?

Our weight and size limits help us determine which vehicle is best suited for your delivery. Please refer to our Policies page under the section “size and weight limits” for an idea of any additional costs that may be incurred.

What if my package is heavier and bigger than the size limits stated for Standard Express Deliveries?

We will calculate the cost for delivery based on the higher charge.

Eg. Volumetric charge is $15.00 additional and the Weight Charge is $15.50, we will utilize the Weight Charge

What happens if my package was not delivered?

We will inform the sender that the package was not delivered and the reason why.

The Sender can then choose to:

  • Have us re-attempt the delivery again or
  • Have the delivery cancelled.

Is there a subscription fee?

There are no subscription fees of any kind.

Does S.P.E.D. ship internationally?

Yes, we currently offer both import and export services. Send us a message here to learn more

Other Customer Questions

Can I import seeds?

We’re aware that certain restrictions for importing seeds have been lifted recently in Trinidad and Tobago. Some customers have previously acquired licenses for such. It’s best however that you contact us before proceeding to purchase seeds. There’s no duty and vat on cabbage seeds for example or any other vegetable seeds.

What payment methods do we accept for COD?

Cash, Linx, Debit Card, Credit Card, Cheques, Online Payments.

Does SPED deliver perishable items?

At this time, we cannot facilitate the delivery of items that require refrigeration or same day delivery.

Can SPED facilitate international deliveries?

We can facilitate international deliveries inclusive of door to door service in some countries. Please contact us with the details and our team will advise you accordingly.

How do I sign up for your services?

Kindly click here to register for our services.

Are there any costs associated with registering or having account with SPED?

There are no registration costs or account maintenance costs with SPED.

How do I get the money from COD transactions completed by SPED?

Remittances are deposited directly into your bank account at no extra cost to you. Please see the COD section of our logistics service terms and conditions.

How long will it take for a delivery to arrive at my location?

We offer delivery service in MOST areas within 1-2 Business days. Most rural areas we ask for a MAXIMUM of 4 business days.

Can I pay my SPED bill online?

Yes, we accept online payment through PayPal, WiPay, for residents of T&T and for our International customers PayPal, WiPay and Veem.

Do you offer Consolidation service?

Yes, we can consolidate your Domestic and International shipments. Please contact us with the details and our team will advise you accordingly.